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Date of birth 26-04-2020
Gender Gelding
Color Bay
Studbook SWB
Height 169
VAT 25.00%
Breeder/Owner Christina Sander Equestrian / Christina Sander Equestrian
Under saddle Yes



Click and Cash
Jule I
Capitol I
Chanel VI
Chaccon Girl
Chacoon Blue
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Click and Cash (Holst, 2003, dark bay stallion by Cash and Carry) Approved For: Holst, SWB 6placings @ Level 1.60m - Niklas Arvidsson (SWE) and 11 placings @ 1.50m 4th CSI3* Lummen(BEL) (1.60m); 5th CSIO4* Copenhagen (DEN) (1.60m); 8th CSIO5*-NC EUD1 Hickstead (GBR)(1.60m);

Sire of: Click N'Chic HDC - Level 1.55m - €12,226, Mama Mia - Level 1.50m - €11,829, MrCash - Level 1.45m - €9,496


1st dam:

Chaccon Girl (OS, 2016, mare by Chacoon Blue)

dam of 1 horse

     Chapeau Claque (SWB, 2020, bay stallion by Click and Cash)


2nd dam:

Clare (Hann, 1999, bay mare by Contender)

dam of 5 horses, 2 sport horses

     Clarouet (Old, 2004, dark bay mare by Balou du Rouet)

          Stakkloua (OS, 2008, dark brown mare by Stakkatol)

               La Baule Level 1.45m - István Máté (HUN)

     Ballerina (Hann, 2006, bay mare by Balou du Rouet)

          Quin-Ba-Lou (Hann, 2011, bay mare by Quintender 2) € 21,039 - 2 placings @ Level 1.50m -Paweena Hoppe (DEU) and 1 win - 9 placings @ 1.45m 2nd CSIYH1* Mannheim (GER)(1.50m); 4th CSIYH1* Mannheim (GER) (1.50m); 1st CSI4* Wiesbaden (GER) (1.45m);

          Quidditch R (Hann, 2012, bay mare by Quintender 2) Level 1.40m - Ann-Carolin Grotheer (DEU) and 2 placings @ 1.35m 1st - Granderheide (GER) - Nat. (1.30m);

          Lady Lou 142 (OS, 2014, chestnut mare by Los Angeles 20) Level 1.40m - Tim Rieskamp-Gödeking (DEU) and 6 placings @ 1.30m 2nd - Rietberg-Varensell (GER) - Nat. (1.30m);

          M.C. Armstrong (OS, 2016, bay stallion by Cornet's Boy) 1 placing @ Level 1.30m - Marloes Bos

          Co-Ba-Lou (Hann, 2017, black brown mare by Cornet's Boy) 2 placings @ Level 1.30m -Franziska Baum-Gundlach (DEU) 3rd - Liederbach (GER) - Nat. (1.30m);

     Balou's Crack (Hann, 2007, dark bay stallion by Balou du Rouet) Approved For: Hann, OS 1 placing@ Level 1.35m - Natalie Rouckova (CZE) and 1 placing @ 1.30m

     Belle De Nuit Db (Old, 2012, mare by Balou du Rouet)

          Kannan Dry DB (sBs, 2016, light bay mare by Kannan) € 1,428 - 1 placing @ Level 1.35m -Graham Grant (IRL) and 1 win - 4 placings @ 1.30m 3rd NatChYH Gesves (BEL) (1.35m); 1stCSIYH1* Villers Vicomte (FRA) (1.30m); 3rd CSIYH1* Lanaken (BEL) (1.30m);

     Chaccon Girl (OS, 2016, mare by Chacoon Blue) :See Above


3rd dam:

Gina (Hann, 1985, dark chestnut mare by Grundstein I)

dam of 7 horses, 3 sport horses

     Satchmo 56 (Hann, 1992, chestnut gelding by San Carlos) Level 1.40m - Stefan Lang (DEU) 3rdCSN Sterzing (ITA) - Nat. (1.40m);

     Cotex (Hann, 1996, bay gelding by Contender) Level 1.40m - Stefan Hipp (DEU)

     Clare (Hann, 1999, bay mare by Contender) :See Above

     Campeche 5 (Hann, 2000, bay gelding by Contender) Level 1.30m - François Kasselmann (DEU) 2nd - Vechta (GER) - Nat. (1.30m);

     Charlotte (Hann, 2002, bay mare by Contender)

          Quadrifoglio 4 (Hann, 2007, bay stallion by Quidam's Rubin) Approved For: MV Level 1.30m

          Charming Girl 16 (Hann, 2008, grey mare by Cassini II) 1 placing @ Level 1.40m - Andrew Bourns (IRL)

          Quentin Tarantino 7 (Hann, 2009, stallion by Quidam de Revel) Level 1.35m - Bernd Herbert(DEU) and 2 placings @ 1.25m 2nd CSI2* Biblis (GER) (1.25m);

          Punktchen (OS, 2011, mare by Last Man Standing) € 654 - 2 placings @ Level 1.30m - Thomas Stempffer (FRA) and 1 placing @ 1.25m 3rd CSI1* Canteleu (FRA) (1.25m);

          Catching Fire (Hann, 2013, bay mare by Calido I) Level 1.30m - Paul Bergen (DEU) 2nd -Bielefeld-Brake (GER) - Nat. (1.30m);

               Che Guevara 46 Level 1.40m - Paul Bergen (DEU) and 1 placing @ 1.35m

          Bruce Willis 3 (Hann, 2014, dark bay gelding by Balou du Rouet) 1 placing @ Level 1.40m -Sophia Schlindwein (DEU) and 3 placings @ 1.30m 2nd - Zweibrücken (GER) - Nat. (1.30m);3rd - Zweibrücken (GER) - Nat. (1.30m);


4th dam:

Saba (Hann, 1976, bay mare by Sansibar)

dam of 4 horses

     Gatsby (Hann, 1983, bay stallion by Grundstein I) Approved For: Old

     Gina (Hann, 1985, dark chestnut mare by Grundstein I) :See Above

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