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Date of birth 12-06-2020
Gender Mare
Color Grey
Studbook Zangersheide
Height 160
VAT 25.00%
Breeder/Owner Annemarie Strobbe & Tony Raman / Vega Häst AB, Veronica Gårdestig
Under saddle Yes



Chacoon Blue
Nena van d'Abdijhoeve
Balou du Rouet
Baloubet du Rouet
Vanite van de Heffinck
Quintana van den Bosrand
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Chacoon Blue (Meckl, 2009, grey stallion by Chacco-Blue) Approved For: Hann, Meckl, Old, OS,Rhein, S-ZV, Westf 4 placings @ Level 1.50m - Philip Rüping (DEU) and 4 placings @ 1.45m 5thCSI3* Frankfurt (GER) (1.50m); 5th CSI3* Oldenburg (GER) (1.50m); 6th CSI3* Frankfurt (GER)(1.50m);


1st dam:

Nena Van D'abdijhoeve (BWP, 2013, bay mare by Balou du Rouet)

dam of 9 horses

     Chinablue-K van Kattenheye Z (Z, 2020, bay mare by Chacoon Blue)


2nd dam:

Vanite van de Heffinck (BWP, 1998, bay mare by Clinton)

dam of 24 horses, 12 sport horses, 3 Black Type horses

     Dax Van 'dabdijhoeve (BWP, 2003, bay gelding by Desir du Chateau) Level 1.60m - Pieter Devos (BEL) and 3 placings @ 1.55m 2nd CSIO5* Rotterdam (NED) (1.55m); 1st CSIO4*Lummen (BEL) (1.50m); 2nd CSIO5*-NC EUD1 St. Gallen (SUI) (1.50m);

     Excelente van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2004, bay mare by Diamant de Semilly)

          Hirka van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2007, chestnut mare by Diabeau van de Heffinck)

               S & L Marlon vd Heffinck € 20,248 - 1 placing @ Level 1.60m - Brianne Goutal-Marteau (USA) and 1 placing @ 1.45m 2nd CSI5* Bridgehampton, NY (USA) (1.60m);1st CSIYH1* Leipzig (GER) (1.40m); 2nd CSIYH1* Balve (GER) (1.40m);

          Jos Van D'abdijhoeve (BWP, 2009, bay stallion by Cooper van de Heffinck) Approved For: Z Level 1.45m - Giampiero Garofalo (ITA) and 1 win - 11 placings @ 1.40m 1st CSI2* Lier(BEL) (1.40m); 1st CSIYH1* Bonheiden (BEL) (1.30m);

          Exception EK (SWB, 2010, bay gelding by Clearway) Level 1.40m - Jonas Heist (DEU)

          Gant EK (KWPN, 2011, bay gelding by Verdi TN) € 1,740 - Level 1.60m - Michael Kearins(IRL) and 1 placing @ 1.45m

          Latifa EK (SWB, 2016, bay mare by Latour VDM) Level 1.45m - Joel Andersson (SWE) and 1placing @ 1.40m 2nd Spring Tour Sundbyholm (SWE) - Nat. (1.40m); 1st - Norrköping (SWE)- Nat. (1.35m); 1st - Sundbyholm (SWE) - Nat. (1.35m);

          Aurelie Ek (SWB, 2017, bay mare by Frontier ASK) 5 wins - 6 placings @ Level 1.30m - Joel Andersson (SWE) and 1 win - 1 placing @ 1.20m 1st - Södertälje (SWE) - Nat. (1.30m); 1st -Föreningen Runsten (SWE) - Nat. (1.30m); 1st Spring Tour Sundbyholm (SWE) - Nat.(1.30m);

     Happy Girl van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2007, bay mare by PKZ Contact van de Heffinck)

          Griffin Van De Heffinck (sBs, 2012, grey mare by Castelino van de Helle) € 113,013 - 2placings @ Level 1.60m - Jur Vrieling (NLD) and 1 win - 3 placings @ 1.55m 8th CSI5* - GCT/GCL Miami Beach, FL (USA) (1.60m); 9th CSI5*-W Amsterdam (NED) (1.60m); 1stCSI3* Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.55m);

     Joni van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2009, bay mare by Cooper van de Heffinck)

          Nathan vd Heffinck (BWP, 2013, bay stallion by Tornesch) Approved For: BWP 2 wins - 2 placings@ Level 1.10m - Melanie Hamerlinck (BEL) and 3 wins - 3 placings @ 1.00m

          Queen Pleasure vd Slypshoek (BWP, 2016, chestnut mare by For Pleasure) 2 wins - 2 placings@ Level 1.20m - Jelle Sappin (BEL) and 1 win - 1 placing @ 1.10m;

          Real Macho vd Slypshoek (BWP, 2017, chestnut gelding by Tornesch) Level 1.05m and 1 win - 1placing @ 1.00m 1st CSN 6211 - Cyclus Wuustwezel (BEL) - Nat. (1.00m);

          Senorita Casall van de Slypshoek (BWP, 2018, bay mare by Casall ASK) 1 win - 1 placing @Level 1.10m - Jelle Sappin (BEL) 1st CSN 6207 (Cyclus) Vosselare (BEL) - Nat. (1.10m);

     Kita Van D' Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2010, bay mare by Cooper van de Heffinck) Level 1.35m - Mathieu Saison (FRA) and 1 win - 2 placings @ 1.30m 1st - Chazey sur Ain (FRA) - Nat. (1.30m);

     Leonie van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2011, bay mare by Cabrio Z)

          Pasta Van D' Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2015, bay stallion by Kafka vd Heffinck) € 282 - Level 1.30m -Stephanie Janssens (BEL) and 1 placing @ 1.25m ;

     Massimo van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2012, bay stallion by Bamako de Muze) € 1,598 - Level1.45m - Koen Vereecke (BEL) and 1 win - 5 placings @ 1.40m

     Nena Van D'abdijhoeve (BWP, 2013, bay mare by Balou du Rouet) :See Above

     No Doubt DV (BWP, 2013, bay mare by Elvis ter Putte) € 692 - Level 1.40m - Charline Vandergeeten

     Nasty Jack Van D'abdijhoeve (BWP, 2013, bay gelding by Elvis ter Putte) € 188 - Level 1.40m -Wouter Devos (BEL) and 2 placings @ 1.35m

     Olily van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2014, bay mare by Kannan) Level 1.30m - Wilm Vermeir (BEL)

     Oklahoma DV (BWP, 2014, bay stallion by Kannan) Level 1.35m - Maxime Harmegnies (BEL)

     Atlantic DV Z (Z, 2014, bay gelding by Aktion Pur Z) € 475 - Level 1.50m - Juan AngelHernandez Gonzalez (MEX) and 2 placings @ 1.40m

     Prada van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2015, dark bay mare by Air Jordan Alpha Z) 1 placing @ Level 1.40m- Leila Diab (USA) and 2 placings @ 1.35m 2nd Temecula Valley National Fall 2 Temecula (USA)- Nat. (1.40m); 2nd Desert Circuit I Thermal, CA (USA) - Nat. (1.40m);

          Simon van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2018, dark bay gelding by Canturano I) € 290 - 1 placing @ Level1.35m - Thibault Vermeulen (BEL) and 2 placings @ 1.15m

     Pride DV (BWP, 2015, chestnut mare by Vigo d'Arsouilles) € 407 - Level 1.30m - Dylan Ringot (FRA)and 2 placings @ 1.25m 2nd CSIYH1* Royan (FRA) (1.25m);

     Amaretto Dv Z (Z, 2015, bay stallion by Air Jordan Alpha Z) € 200 - Level 1.30m - Pauline Busnel

     Quinta van d'Abdijhoeve (BWP, 2016, chestnut mare by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) Level 1.40m -Leonard Boelens (BEL) and 1 placing @ 1.30m 1st NatChYH Gesves (BEL) (1.20m);


3rd dam:

Quintana van den Bosrand (BWP, 1993, bay mare by Heartbreaker)

dam of 4 horses, 2 sport horses, 2 Black Type horses

     Utrillo Z (BWP, 1997, grey stallion by Clinton) Approved For: BWP, SF, Z Level 1.60m - WalterLapertot (FRA) 7th CSI3* Vichy (FRA) (1.50m); 4th CSIO4* 2007 - Grand Prix Poznan (POL)(1.60m); 10th CSI3* 2007 - Grand Prix Ascona (SUI) (1.50m);

     Vanite van de Heffinck (BWP, 1998, bay mare by Clinton) :See Above

     ASB Conquistador (BWP, 2001, bay stallion by Clinton) Approved For: BWP 10 placings @Level 1.60m - Karl Cook (USA) and 3 placings @ 1.50m 6th CSI2*-W San Juan Capistrano (USA) (1.60m); 7th CSI5* Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.60m); 8th CSIO5* Calgary,Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.60m);


4th dam:

Fatima van de Heffink (sBs, 1989, bay mare by Randel Z)

dam of 7 horses, 1 sport horse, 1 Black Type horse

     Quintana van den Bosrand (BWP, 1993, bay mare by Heartbreaker) :See Above

     Wientana van den Bosrand (BWP, 1999, bay mare by Darco) 1 placing @ Level 1.50m - DirkDemeersman (BEL) 8th CSN 53 Zandhoven (BEL) - Nat. (1.50m);

          Daciro van den Bosrand (BWP, 2003, bay or brown stallion by Fuego du Prelet) Level 1.45m - Werner Dierckx (BEL)

          Gandrio van den Bosrand (BWP, 2006, black brown stallion by Wandor van de Mispelaere)Level 1.45m - Marc Bettinger (DEU) and 1 placing @ 1.40m

          Handro van den Bosrand (BWP, 2007, bay stallion by PKZ Contact van de Heffinck) Level 1.40m

          Jilko van den Bosrand (BWP, 2009, bay stallion by Cooper van de Heffinck) 2 placings @ Level1.40m - Georg Hladik (AUT) and 1 placing @ 1.35m

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