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Nov 9, 2023, 8:42:00 PM

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Date of birth 28-04-2020
Gender Mare
Color Bay
Studbook KWPN
Height 162
VAT 25.00%
Breeder/Owner A.T.M. Milder / Dennis Johansson
Under saddle Yes



Cantona TN
Codex One
Contendro I
Claudia Z
Caretano Z
Silvio II
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Cantona TN (Z, 2013, dark bay stallion by Codex One Z) Approved For: KWPN, Z 1 win - 2 placings @Level 1.45m - Kars Bonhof (NLD) and 2 placings @ 1.40m 1st CSIU25-A Herning (DEN)(1.45m);


1st dam:

Balou (KWPN, 2006, bay mare by VDL Oramé)

dam of 1 horse

     Paola M (KWPN, 2020, bay mare by Cantona TN)


2nd dam:

Orianne (KWPN, 1996, chestnut mare by Silvio II)

dam of 1 horse

     Balou (KWPN, 2006, bay mare by VDL Oramé) :See Above


3rd dam:

Rianne (KWPN, 1975, chestnut mare by Pastrocio xx)

dam of 7 horses

     Vanessa (KWPN, 1979, bay mare by Lorenz)

          Dolly († 2018) (KWPN, 1985, bay mare by Ulster)

               Just Mickey IDR3* - Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén (SWE) - Wiesbaden (GER) 1st CDI Invitational 2005 - Freestyle Göteborg (SWE); 3rd 2005 Hagen (GER) - team competitionCH-EU-D; 3rd CDI Invitational 2005 - Grand Prix Göteborg (SWE);

               Totall Tip Top IDR - Alexa Fairchild(BEL) - Saumur (FRA) 1st CDI-Y 2013 - Freestyle Vidauban (FRA); 1st CDI-Y 2013 - Individual Test Vidauban (FRA);

               Wolly Ann IDR3* - Vai Bruntink(NLD) - Deauville (FRA)

               C.C. Strider NDR GP

     Zianne (KWPN, 1981, bay mare by Raimond (B Raimond))

          Jo Malone (KWPN, 2002, bay stallion by Oklund) Level 1.40m - Günter Schmaus (DEU)

     Dolcy (KWPN, 1985, mare by Wagenaar)

          Jamira (KWPN, 1991, bay mare by Ramiro Z (G Ramiro Z)) Level 1.60m - Andrea EnricoHerholdt (ITA) and 1 placing @ 1.45m 2nd CSIOJ 2001 - Grand Prix Reims (FRA); 8th 2002Copenhagen (DEN) - team competition CH-EU-Y-S (1.50m);

     Harianne (KWPN, 1989, bay mare by Beaujolais)

          Moedwil (KWPN, 1994, chestnut gelding by Goodwill) IDR5* - Sander Marijnissen(NLD) -Oldenburg (GER) 1st CDI3* 2010 - Grand Prix Special Oldenburg (GER); 1st CDI3* 2010 -Grand Prix Oldenburg (GER); 1st CDIO 2009 - Nations Cup Aachen (GER);

          Sarianne (KWPN, 1999, grey mare by VDL Corland)

               Farianne 1 placing @ Level 1.50m - Richard Howley (IRL) and 2 wins - 7 placings @1.45m 5th CSIO3* Lisbon (POR) (1.50m); 1st CSI2* Valkenswaard (NED) (1.45m);

          Urianne (KWPN, 2001, chestnut mare by Nobility)

               Lucky NDR

     Jurianne (KWPN, 1991, bay mare by Daimler)

          Wedde (KWPN, 2003, chestnut stallion by VDL Corland) Level 1.40m and 1 placing @ 1.30m

          Hartenburg Attack (KWPN, 2005, bay stallion by Prestige VDL) IDR2* - Adriaan Van Wyk(ZAF) -Brits (RSA) 1st CDI2* Midrand (RSA); 1st CDI2* Midrand (RSA);

     Orianne (KWPN, 1996, chestnut mare by Silvio II) :See Above


4th dam:

Karin (KWPN, 1969, chestnut mare by Apollo)

dam of 9 horses

     Olien (KWPN, 1973, bay mare by Pericles xx)

          Tamora (KWPN, 1977, bay mare by Amor)

               Rambo IDR - Danielle Houtvast(NLD) - Moorsele (BEL) 1st CDIO-Y 2013 - Nations Cup Moorsele (BEL); 1st CDI-Y 2013 - Team Test Roosendaal (NED); 1st CDIO-Y 2012 - Freestyle Moorsele (BEL);

          Carolien (KWPN, 1984, chestnut mare by Amor)

               Stoerlee Level 1.50m - Alexandre Leriche (FRA)

               Bravoure IDR - Bethany Shipley(GBR) - Compiegne (FRA)

     Rianne (KWPN, 1975, chestnut mare by Pastrocio xx) :See Above

     Zobaida (KWPN, 1981, mare by Tolad)

          Life is Life (KWPN, 1991, bay stallion by Landjonker (Frühling)) Approved For: Bay, Rhein

     Brigitta (KWPN, 1983, bay mare by Raimond)

          Hippy (KWPN, 1989, dark chestnut mare by Kaiserstern xx)

               Marlou 1 placing @ Level 1.60m - Kimberley Prince (USA) and 1 win @ 1.50m 3rdCSIO5* Dublin (IRL) (1.60m); 1st CSI3* 2005 - Grand Prix Charlotte (USA) (1.50m);2nd CSI3* 2006 - Grand Prix Wellington, FL (USA) (1.50m);

               Silvy Level 1.40m - Anoek van der Pluijm (NLD)

               Bently vd E 1 placing @ Level 1.20m - Noemie Kerviche (FRA)

               Eldorado v/d Elsakker Approved For: AES Level 1.30m - Shannon Meinert Ketterle (DNK)

               Gerdy v/d Elsakker Level 1.35m - Giovanni Fisichella (ITA)

          Karen (KWPN, 1992, bay mare by Goodtimes)

               Denver Van De Elsaker Level 1.35m - Marc Martinez Auger (ESP) and 2 placings @ 1.30m

          Lucky Times (KWPN, 1993, chestnut mare by Goodtimes)

               Davincy vd E Approved For: AES Level 1.50m - Tim Claes (BEL)

               Hillery Level 1.35m - Sammy-Jo Smit (NLD)

          Odie (KWPN, 1996, bay mare by Nimmerdor)

               Wiepke Level 1.40m - Lauren van Berkel (NLD) and 4 placings @ 1.35m

               Carmen VD E Level 1.45m - Marion Skalli (FRA) and 8 placings @ 1.40m 2nd CSI3*Montpellier (FRA) (1.40m); 3rd CSI3* Montpellier (FRA) (1.40m);

               Flayrocco V.D. Elsakkef Level 1.40m - Kim Aeberhard (CHE) and 1 placing @ 1.30m

               Joep v d Elsakker € 9,477 - 1 win - 3 placings @ Level 1.35m - Anne Sofie Kristensen (DNK) and 10 placings @ 1.30m 1st CSIYH1* Sharjah (UAE) (1.35m); 3rd CSIYH1* Sharjah(UAE) (1.35m); 2nd CSIYH1* Abu Dhabi (UAE) (1.30m);

     Farah (KWPN, 1987, chestnut mare by Veritas)

          Nirvana (KWPN, 1995, chestnut mare by Ahorn)

               Troubadour Level 1.45m - Matteo Checchi (ITA)

               Gamble S € 440 - 2 placings @ Level 1.45m - Jorich Spits (BEL) and 3 placings @1.40m 3rd CSN 6411 - Gouden Laars Turnhout (BEL) - Nat. (1.40m);

          Tamara (KWPN, 2000, chestnut mare by VDL Neckar)

               Hamilton Level 1.35m - Alix Garbay (FRA) and 2 placings @ 1.30m

     Grace (KWPN, 1988, red roan mare by Kaiserstern xx)

          Kelly (KWPN, 1992, bay mare by Michelangelo)

               DaVinci NDR GP 2nd Golden State Dressage Sacramento, Rancho Murieta (USA) - Nat.; 2nd DevonWood Sherwood (USA) - Nat.; 3rd DevonWood Sherwood (USA) - Nat.;

          Escape (KWPN, 2009, bay gelding by Tuschinski) IDR - Clara Collard(BEL) - CH-EU-J-D 1st LierNatCh Dressage Juniors (BEL); 1st Lier NatCh Dressage Juniors (BEL); 1st Lier NatChDressage Juniors (BEL);

     Heather (KWPN, 1989, chestnut mare by Notaris)

          Neather M (KWPN, 1995, bay mare by Cantus)

               Vinity M Level 1.45m - Jaime Ostos Alcala (ESP)

               Zhin Chin 1 placing @ Level 1.45m - Annie Frivold (SWE) and 1 placing @ 1.40m 1stCSIO2*-W Athens (GRE) (1.35m); 3rd CSI1* Athens (GRE) (1.35m);

               Ceather 1 placing @ Level 1.50m - Alberto Marquez Galobardes (ESP) and 1 placing @1.45m 1st CSI2* Oliva - Valencia (ESP) (1.40m); 1st CSI2* Allington (GBR) (1.35m);

          Retina M (KWPN, 1998, bay mare by Cash)

               Narcissist FBH 1 win - 4 placings @ Level 1.45m - Abdullah Mohd Al Marri (ARE) and 2wins - 6 placings @ 1.40m 1st CSI3*-W Dubai (UAE) (1.45m); 3rd CSI5*-W Riyadh(KSA) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* Sharjah (UAE) (1.40m);

          Tanagra M (KWPN, 2000, bay mare by Quick Star)

               Banagro Approved For: AES Level 1.50m - Rob Schipper (NLD) and 1 placing @ 1.45m

               Irvington VDL Approved For: KWPN € 3,457 - Level 1.50m - Amanda Flint (USA) and 7placings @ 1.45m 6th HITS January Classic I Ocala, FL (USA) - Nat. (1.50m); 7th HITSPost Time Farm Ocala, FL (USA) - Nat. (1.50m); 10th Winter Celebration IX Ocala, FL(USA) - Nat. (1.50m);

               Darko Z € 1,052 - Level 1.40m - Dennis Buddenberg (DEU) and 1 placing @ 1.35m

               Cruz Z € 135 - Level 1.40m - Kristaps Neretnieks (LVA) and 3 placings @ 1.35m

          Ulani-M (KWPN, 2001, bay mare by Quick Star)

               Standing Ovation Level 1.35m - Jean-Jacques Lorquet (BEL) and 1 win - 3 placings @ 1.25m1st CSI1* Chantilly (FRA) (1.25m); 1st CSI1* Lanaken (BEL) (1.20m);Juliette R (KWPN, 1991, bay mare by Daimler)

          Olivier RA (KWPN, 1996, bay gelding by Ahorn) Level 1.45m - Marie Hecart (FRA)

          Carin (KWPN, 2007, bay mare by C-Indoctro II) IEV 2* - Blyth Tait(NZL)

     Manuela R. (KWPN, 1994, bay mare by Wellington)

          E.Karin.R (KWPN, 2009, bay mare by Elegant)

               James.R Level 1.30m - Philippe Meier (CHE)

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